Community sourced coaching for impact-driven entrepreneurs.

The Kite + Dart Group was created to empower entrepreneurs to use their businesses to change the world, and we’ve done just that. Our community of incredible thought leaders is producing tremendous results in their lives and communities by using our potent coaching and peer advisory methodology.

We know some things about business that aren’t common knowledge, and that apply specifically to people that authentically care about the difference they can make in the world.

As a result of attending our free two-hour workshop, you’ll get the following:

1. Increased clarity about your strengths, and how to use them to make world-altering choices in your business.

2. A concise understanding of the difference your business makes in the world, and powerful tools to help you communicate your unique mission to potential clients.

3. The feeling of belonging to a group of business owners who understand you and your mission to change the world- and that will STOP AT NOTHING to see you achieve your dreams.

4.  A breakthrough around cynicism and self-doubt that will inspire you to take bold new actions.

5. A new way of looking at scaling your business that will empower you to grow effectively, and easily find the talent you are looking for.

We are offering this workshop for FREE, with no strings attached, because we are confident in our ability to deliver on our promises. If what we are saying LIGHTS YOU UP, and you are HUNGRY FOR A COMMUNITY that will understand and empower you, we invite you to RESERVE A SEAT NOW.