Free Monthly Business Workshops in Denver

Here at Kite + Dart we believe the best way to sell our value to entrepreneurs is to demonstrate it.

Our free monthly workshops are hands-on, interactive sessions that will improve your business whether or not you choose to work with us.  After all, we can’t teach contribution-based capitalism without doing some contributing of our own.  You will not be pressured to sign up for anything if you don’t want to.

In these free workshops, you’ll get:

  • Community – a group of like-minded business owners who get you
  • Clarity about your strengths and how to take advantage of them
  • A better understanding of the difference your business makes in the world
  • The tools to help you communicate the difference you make
  • Breakthroughs around your own self-doubt
  • Practical strategies and perspectives to scale your business

The most successful businesses and most rewarding lives are directly linked to how much entrepreneurs leverage their unique gifts.  Kite + Dart workshops will help you gain more alignment to those gifts.  Many of our community members also attend, so you’ll have a chance to hear directly from our clients what working with Kite + Dart is like.

Each workshop is 90 minutes long and there is a new topic every month.  They are held at the Converge Denver Conference Room, 3327 Brighton Blvd, Denver, CO, 80216. We value intimacy in these groups and therefore have limited seating, requiring an advanced RSVP to attend.

For more information about our next workshop and to sign up, see below.  We’re looking forward to seeing you there!

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If you would like to learn more about the Kite + Dart methodology, or just get some new tools and insights to take your business to the next level, simply click the button to see all the details and RSVP for our next event.

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