Client: Jade Baranski
Company : The Impact Factor
Product: Success Accelerator/Next Level Board Membership

I approached The Kite + Dart Group for business strategy, clarity and growth planning.

Kite + Dart supported my business in so many ways – the piece that I am most thrilled with is their consistent and clear coaching/communication style. These are not your typical “coach” types – they use dynamic tactics and keep the fire for progress lit!

The new actions I took in my business were:
– a strong focus on our core values
– planning and actions around the ever dicey topic of accountability
– creating structures that allow for rapid growth
– setting up resources to utilize time in the most effective manner
– creating a communication system that build in work/life balance

The results of those actions were epic. Each one is creating a new path for our businesses to grow. One thing I saw newly was my own ability to “steer the ship” – taking 100% responsibility for everything that is happening in my businesses. I found the experience intense, insightful, delightful and overall very effective. I would recommend Kite + Dart to people who need guidance, support and positive tools for growth.

Client: Robert Blase
Company : LUX. Denver Real Estate
Product: Peer Advisory Board Membership

I couldn’t be happier with Kite and Dart. The structure is perfect for learning how to incorporate so many things into my business. The feedback from other entrepreneurs is something I cherish. Especially when you get feedback from outside of your business so you get to understand what your clients might want or need. The coaching is stellar. They really listen, help you set realistic goals and really incorporate a balance of personal and professional unlike any other coaching model I have seen. I’ve seen not only more confidence in myself, but other entrepreneurs in the classes as well as an increase in my productivity because of this class and the accountability partners you are set up with. If you are looking to take your business to the next level, this is the place to do it.

Client: Eean Ovens
Company : Denver Print Company
Product: Peer Advisory Board Membership

I was one of the first 2 members of Kite + Dart’s excellent boards. On this board, I’ve received excellent coaching and results.

I’ve moved out of professional duties which limited my growth, increased my income, decreased my stress and started working on a greater vision for my future career.

Client: Mo Graham
Company : Homie Haus
Product: Peer Advisory Board Membership

Kite and Dart presented itself at a time of life when I really wanted to take a turn in my business. I was ready explore the possibilities outside of my small profit margins, less than desirable clients, and overwhelming frustrations with mundane tasks. Overall, I just wanted a major switch in my perception of my business and that is exactly what I got. Since my time with Kite and Dart I have experienced a huge shift in what is possible for my business and myself as an owner: I see my lofty goals as true options, my disinterest in daily tasks are being delegated elsewhere, and my time to focus on profit growing tasks is increasing more and more every day. Nate and Emily have cultivated a positive community that allows for a safe place to grow as business owners and experience our true potential with zero opportunity for failure. I have developed great relationships with my peer board and have developed a great appreciation for the friends I have made. Like any business owner, I very much value my time, and I say with all sincerity that I look forward to continuing my participation with the Kite and Dart community.