About the Kite + Dart Group

Born out of Necessity

We are non-traditional entrepreneurs helping other non-traditional entrepreneurs succeed. The coaching and training works because we’ve created it for ourselves.

How we got started

In January 2015, Nate and Emily Lappegaard created the Kite + Dart Group with the intention of providing the resources that impact-driven business owners need to succeed.

As Kite + Dart got going, it became clear that there was a need for business development solutions for non-traditional entrepreneurs—people who started businesses for reasons beyond simply making money. They’re driven by the contribution they bring to the world. The Kite + Dart framework Nate and Emily have developed not only helps them show up more authentically in the world, but also helps them succeed financially as a result of that authenticity.

Coaching for reluctant capitalists

The services we offer are tailored for the type of person who doesn’t fit into the status quo of conventional businesses of the past. Our clients believe there is more to entrepreneurship than just maximizing profits. They are also the people who typically opt-out of growing their businesses because they’ve been told that the profit-centered model is the only way. There’s another way.

We use our model on ourselves

Every entrepreneur is a “creative”. You’re out there creating something out of nothing every day in your business. Kite + Dart addresses your relationship to your business so you can be more self-expressed and create what you want in your life.

And we take our own medicine at Kite + Dart. It just so happens that what we want to create is a community of successful, fulfilled, and impact-driven business owners. We’re creating an army of entrepreneurs who are out there changing the conversation about purpose and profit for the better.

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If you're ready to experience the Kite + Dart methodology for yourself, or if you're curious what it would be like to work with us, contact us to set up a no-obligation coaching call.  You will walk away with valuable insights for yourself and your business.

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And we get you

What’s really at the core of an entrepreneur is a desire to live life on their own terms. It’s that voice saying, “there has to be a better way to do this.” It’s the flexibility to pursue what they feel is important. It’s the pride in knowing they have created something unique. It’s the burning passion to make a difference in the world. We understand that, we understand you, and that’s why we’re doing what we do here at Kite + Dart.

Together we can transform the world

Change starts small. If you look closely you can already see it. It’s time to level the playing field for non-traditional entrepreneurs and create more opportunity, more diversity, and more integrity. The best way we can participate in that change is to empower non-traditional entrepreneurs to be wildly successful. If you’re one of these people pushing the change forward, we acknowledge you and look forward to meeting you.

Our Community

We are a group of impact driven entrepreneurs.  Click here to learn more about the power of a curated community.

Free 45 Minute Coaching Call

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Client Testimonials

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